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Yoshitaka Amano Directs First Film

Yoshitaka Amano, the man behind Zan
Yoshitaka Amano, the man behind Zan

The man behind the character designs for "Science Team Ninja Gatchaman" and the "Final Fantasy" series is directing his first Anime film, titled "Zan". The film is to release worldwide next year.

He also is heading his own production studio, Studio Deva Loka.

The plot of the 3D film begins in the late 1800's, when a samurai named Zan is placed in the alternate dimension to battle evil. Amano conceived the story for this film and drafted the original art.

Amano's studio plans on announcing more works that it will produce in the near future. Amano has been displaying art as a kind of advertisment for Studio Deva Loka in Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, and San Fransisco.