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Yoshi themed 3DS XL to be released alongside game

Nintendo's newest bundle features Yoshi
Nintendo's newest bundle features Yoshi

A Yoshi styled 3DS XL system will be released on March 14 alongside the launch of Yoshi's New Island.

It is important to mention that the system does not come bundled with Yoshi's New Island in North America. The U.K. reportedly will receive a downloadable version of the game with the purchase of the system.

The price tag is set at $199.99, which is the same price as a regular 3DS XL. For those that also want the newest Yoshi game, they will have to shell out an additional $39.99.

The system, as you can see, is incredibly basic as it really only features Yoshi and an egg on a light green background. Compared to other special edition 3DS systems, this one seems rather lacking.

A mockup of the bundle was found circulating last month, but has now obviously been found to be fake. It's design, while also rather tame, did seem to be more aesthetically pleasing than the system we will be getting.

What do you think of the newest special edition system? Do you have any intention of picking one up or would you have preferred something different?

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