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'Yoshi's New Island' hits the U.S. in March

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Nintendo of America has just announced that the upcoming 3DS platformer Yoshi's New Island, which was formally revealed at E3 last June, will be available in the U.S. both digitally and at retail on Friday, March 14th.

Yoshi's New Island is the fourth title in what has become the green dinosaur's own, self-titled series, after Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (SNES/GBA), Yoshi's Story (N64), and Yoshi's Island DS (DS).

Takashi Tezuka, the creative director of the original Yoshi's Island, is the producer of Yoshi's New Island, so you can expect Yoshi and Baby Mario to get up to plenty of their familiar egg-throwing, flutter-kicking, platforming antics. The game has a very soft, dream-like visual style that I found particularly striking with the 3D slider on when I demoed the game at E3 last year.

Nintendo hasn't released pricing details yet, but odds are it will retail for somewhere between $29.99 and $39.99 like virtually all of Nintendo's first-party 3DS titles.

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