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‘Yoshi’s New Island’ available March 14

‘Yoshi’s New Island’ available March 14
‘Yoshi’s New Island’ available March 14

“Yoshi’s New Island,” the latest addition to the beloved “Yoshi’s Island” series, is set for a March 14 release on the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo confirmed in a press release today obtained by Examiner.

According to the press release, “Yoshi’s New Island” will feature worlds inspired by watercolor paintings, providing a unique aesthetic. On the gameplay side, Yoshi will be able to transform into different vehicles and objects to help him traverse through each level. Yoshi will also be able to transform into what Nintendo calls “Super Yoshi,” which allows the character to climb walls and ceilings.

“Yoshi’s New Island will also feature a two-player cooperative challenge, which will consist of six mini-games, adding to the lengthy single-player campaign. With the a cool look and plenty of different ways to play, Nintendo said they are confident in “Yoshi’s New Island’s” chances at eating up gamers’ spare time.

Yoshi’s New Island will appeal to fans of the previous Yoshi’s Island games, but also to younger gamers who are experiencing the series for the first time,” Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing, said in today’s press release. “With Yoshi’s New Island, the slate of 2014 Nintendo 3DS games is off to an excellent start.”

Will you buy “Yoshi’s New Island”? Do you agree with Moffitt that it’s a great way for Nintendo to start the new year on the 3DS? Speak out in the comment section below.

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