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'Yoshi's New Island' 3DS XL bundle confirmed for NA release

A mock-up of the bundle
A mock-up of the bundle

According to IGN, the recently leaked Yoshi's New Island bundle has been confirmed to be receiving a North American release.

The image of the bundle was originally released by a retailer in the United Kingdom. It has since been confirmed that the image is just a mock-up.

Nintendo has been no stranger to bundles since releasing the 3DS. There have been several special edition 3DS systems for games such as Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Zelda.

While not confirmed, it would be no shock if this mock-up image was what the bundle actually ended up looking like. Most of the special 3DS systems have very basic patterns so this seems to keep that trend going.

The game and bundle are set to release in North America on March 14. Oddly they aren't set to be released in Japan until the Summer of 2014.