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Yosemite View Lodge provides attractive getaway for RV travelers

Yosemite View Lodge offers balcony rooms with views of the dynamic Merced River
Yosemite View Lodge offers balcony rooms with views of the dynamic Merced River
David Muenker

After traveling several hundred miles on the road, sprawling out on a king size bed, soaking in a jetted bath tub, sitting by an en suite fireplace, and similar amenities become especially alluring. Yosemite View Lodge, which is located right outside Yosemite National Park, offers all those features, plus some of special interest to RVers.

RVer friendly features

For example, Yosemite View Lodge is pet friendly, of critical importance to the high percentage of RVers who travel with pets. A high rod fence around the riverside room balconies provides safe containment for pets so owners don't need to tether them. And guests still get to enjoy great views of the roaring river.

The lodge’s ample parking accommodates large RVs. And, for those who plan their itineraries just days or weeks, instead of months, ahead (typical of RVer wanderlust behavior), chances are far greater of getting a room at Yosemite View Lodge than a campsite in Yosemite National Park.

Leave the rig at the lodge

Staying at Yosemite View Lodge is especially attractive for RVers who tow a vehicle. Instead of maneuvering your rig on narrow mountain roads and searching for large parking spaces at Yosemite’s many stunning viewpoints, simply park your rig at the lodge and tour in your car. Besides added peace of mind, you can explore much more of Yosemite and consume less fuel.

Upon returning to the lodge after a full day at Yosemite National Park, you can choose among several options, including swimming in an indoor or outdoor pool, soaking in a hot tub, dining in the lodge’s restaurant, preparing a meal in your kitchenette, and relaxing on your riverside balcony.

Great getaway from RV travel

The combination of a beautiful setting along the Merced River, attractive amenities, pet-friendly policy, parking for large vehicles, and proximity to Yosemite National Park makes Yosemite View Lodge a great getaway for RV travelers.

Yosemite View Lodge is located on Highway 140 in El Portal, Calif., about 12 miles from the popular sites in Yosemite Valley.

How to Get to Yosemite View Lodge from Denver, Colo.

Take Interstate 25 north to Cheyenne, Wyo., Interstate 80 west to Sacramento, Calif., State Highway 99 south to Merced, Calif., and State Highway 140 east to El Portal, Calif.

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