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Yosemite national park back country permits

Yosemite Valley as seen from the top of a Nevada Falls
Yosemite Valley as seen from the top of a Nevada Falls
Ben Pack

Camping in the back country of Yosemite National Park is still difficult this time of year because of snow and cold weather, but savvy backpackers know that this is the time of year when summer reservations for popular back country spots start filling up. Yosemite National Park takes wilderness permit reservations up to 168 days in advance. These permits allow backpackers to sleep in the back country, which is an amazing way to see some of the national park’s most visited sites, without having to deal with the summer crowds that pack day trails. For the most popular trails, like the one leading through Little Yosemite Valley, it's not uncommon for all the reservations to be taken the first day they become eligible.  Backpackers eager to check out Yosemite's sights should start booking their spots now.  If you can't commit to reservations that far in advance though, check out how you can take advantage of Yosemite's last minute permits.