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Yosemite land use battle

Fellow Climbers, it falls in to our hands protect our own. Not only do we keep them safe by holding the end of a rope, but also in protecting that which we hold so dear, our rocks. As of a few days ago, Yosemite National Park proposed a new management plan. Brady Robinson, the Executive Director of the Access Fund, had this to say:

We need your help to influence the latest Merced River Plan, which could restrict climbing access and camping in Yosemite Valley, depending on how the Park prepares its new revised user capacity program. At issue is access to iconic climbs including those found on The Rostrum, Cookie Cliff, and Middle Cathedral Rock (everything ¼ mile on either side of the river). This plan will also affect all travel through the management area to locations just outside the river corridor, which brings into play all climbing in Yosemite Valley including El Capitan and even Half Dome. Another consequence of this litigation is the increased likelihood that camping will become even more scarce while the number of lodging units remains largely unchanged.

Although this might seem like a half a world away from us stationed here in the Central Pennsylvania region, we have to remember that this is where it all started. Royal Robbins pioneered our sport on those very rocks in the 1970’s. To help our brothers out, write to the Access Fund by February 4th. Thanks for the Support!

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