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Yorkie saves toddler from dog attack and is gravely injured

Ezio, Hero Dog
Ezio, Hero Dog
Ezio Hero Dog FaceBook Page

A hero Yorkie, Ezio, has a new FaceBook page today, July 22, and a successful fundraising campaign. Now the hope is that he will be able to walk again. The dog is from Dickinson, Texas where he lives with the Long family. of Houston reported July 17 that the brave little dog rushed a much bigger dog who had broken through the fence and was charging his owner's three year old grandson. The little boy recognized the danger and ran. He had time to reach safety because Ezio, all of eleven pounds, charged a dog over one hundred pounds. That dog took Ezio in his mouth and when he was done, Ezio was gravely injured.

Ezio's worst injuries were to the spinal cord. Without surgery, he would not walk again. The family did not have money for the surgery, but they told the vet to go ahead and did not hesitate to put all their money toward Ezio's care. Ezio saved a life of a child who was precious to them. They would not say goodbye to Ezio because they could not afford his veterinary bills.

The family created a spectacularly successful fundraiser to help with Ezio's medical expenses. Ezio has had three surgeries, but needs to recuperate more from his injuries before further surgery can be attempted. His FaceBook page details his recovery so far. Ezio is home in a "home hospital" situation where he is kept away from the other animals, but has all the care and love that he needs. He is unable to move his left side and swallows with difficulty and goes to the vet several times a week for treatment. The hope is that time and more surgery will allow Ezio to walk again. It is likely that if the surgery and healing bring Ezio more movement on his left side, he will need hydrotherapy for many months and all therapy is expensive. Right now his family says they are just happy he is with them and that "every day offers new challenges as well as more improvements in his condition."

As to the attacking dog. The fundraising page gives some details:

Many people have asked about the neighbor. The local police and animal control cannot do anything but make a report and cite the neighbor (similar to a written warning given by a traffic officer) because no human was harmed and Ezio didn't die. We will have to file a civil lawsuit against them which is also very expensive. If there are any attorneys out there willing to help we would greatly appreciate it.

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