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York, South Carolina dog rescue needs help after winter storm damages kennels

Richardson Rescue in York, SC suffered damage from snow and rain
Richardson Rescue in York, SC suffered damage from snow and rain
Facebook: Richardson Rescue

The largest dog rescue in York, South Carolina is in need of donations after the rescue suffered major damage during the winter storm that hit the area this week, Fox8 reported February 13.

Richardson Rescue, located in York, is faced with cleaning up the snow and rain destroyed shelter that contains the 110 dogs who live there while waiting for a permanent home. In a Facebook post dated February 13, Richardson Rescue reached out to their many supporters for help.

"We are reaching out for help with this post. We not only have new tarps to buy, but we lost fence panels and a lot of the metal frames that supported the tarps. We have a lot of clean up and repairs to do but, with the help of all of our great supporters, we will be able to get through it."

Although none of the dogs were injured, metal posts snapped, which exposed the dogs to the elements. Before judging on the dogs being kept outside, please keep in mind they live in heated dog houses. The dogs always have access to fresh food and water, and each dog is provided a roommate to play with.

As you can see in the photo, the dogs are housed in outdoor kennels, where they are provided large, secure areas to play, exercise and socialize with each other.

Any donations made to Richardson Rescue are a tax deductible, as Richardson is a 501c3 organization. They're dedicated to preserving the sanctity of animal life while trying to find a forever home for every pet who comes to them.

Those who adopt from Richardson Rescue can get to know their new pet in a beautifully wooded dog park. They do their best to match a dog with an adopter. Their mission statement is

"To rescue homeless pets, educate the public on treatment of pets, spay and neuter programs, work with Northern rescues, bring awareness about rescue pets. Work with the County Council to stop abuse and work with other rescues as a team effort to help each other and keep expenses down."

Right now they need donations to repair damage caused from the storm, and are asking the community for help. Click here to access their website, along with a donation link, or if you prefer to donate by personal check, their contact information is listed below.

Richardson Rescue
1968 Garvin Road
York, SC 29745

The rescue is also in need of volunteers to help with the repairs. This issue has been compounded with the problem of employees finding it difficult to get to the rescue due to snow and ice covered roads. If you can volunteer over the weekend, please contact the rescue at the number above.

Richardson Rescue is reaching out to the ASPCA for help, and moving the animals to another location will be a last resort. It would be ideal if the dogs could find permanent homes over the weekend. If you'd like to check out their adoptable dogs, please give them a call to set up an appointment.

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