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York Barbell raises the bar on daytrip opportunities

The Barbell Hall of Fame
The Barbell Hall of Fame

Are you ready for a day trip with weight to it? Then come out to York, PA and experience the York Barbell Museum and Weightlifting Hall of Fame.

Founded in 1932 by Bob Hoffman, York Barbell is a renowned name in weightlifting and exercise. Hoffman came to York, PA following WWI. His original intention was to build an oil burner business. But it was his interest in athletics, exercise and fitness that ignited the passion and true calling in his life. Named "Father of World Weightlifting" by the International Weightlifting Federation, Bob Hoffman founded York Barbell after purchasing the Milo Barbell Company, a by then bankrupted company based in Philadelphia, and began his company in York.

Throughout his history, other credentials and attributions to Bill Hoffman included the redefining of weightlifting standards, equipment development and even assisted growth in the nutritional supplement industry. He was also a prolific writer of books and articles, Hoffman tirelessly promoted the benefits of exercise successfully encouraging its practice to the military and the general public.

Now visitors are invited to come and visit the Weightlifting Hall of Fame which encompasses approximately 8,000 square feet of the space and is housed in the first floor of the York Barbell administrative building. Take a self-guided tour, counter-clockwise through the museum which contains a diverse history of the strength sports, the fitness evolution from mythology to early Olympic Games, early 19th and 20th century amateur and professional strongmen and current specialized sports in Olympic weightlifting, power-lifting and bodybuilding.

Features to the museum also include: A 7.5ft bronze statue of Bob Hoffman, a large statue of Steve Stanko—the first lifter to exceed 1,000 pounds in three Olympic lifts and was later named “Mr. Universe,” a statue of Louis Cyd and his 202 pound stage dumbbell and many other figure representations. Visitors will also enjoy seeing a collection of published works on exercise and fitness, trophies, various displays of equipment and the development in fitness through the years, the death mask of “French Angel” Maurice Tillet and even a centerpiece of the central, sky-lighted gallery of the 1,500 pound Travis dumbbell. Also experience the story of weightlifting, depicted on panels and numerous other sites.

York Barbell is still a trusted and active name in fitness and training. Whether you are looking to buy equipment or merely take an interesting day trip outing to York, visit York Barbell.

York Barbell is located at 3300 Board Rd. York, PA 17406. The Hall of Fame is adjacent to York's manufacturing facility, 2 miles north of York at exit 24 Interstate 83. Store hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Saturday. For more information, call 717- 767-6481 or visit


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