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Yonex Power Cushion Pro gives you durability, playability and stability

Durable shoes from Yonex that the pro are wearing
Durable shoes from Yonex that the pro are wearing

There is nothing worse than a tennis shoe that doesn't fit just perfectly.

Too snug of a fit, and it could cut off blood circulation to your foot- and it's just plain uncomfortable. Too loose of a fit, and your foot will have no support for those quick stop and starts.

Enter the Yonex Power Cushion Pro. It's a shoe that Stan Wawrinka wore to win the 2014 Australian Open.

it's also the show that recently won Tennis Magazine’s Editor’s Choice as the “Best All-Around Shoe.”

The shoe is a winner, just like those that wear it.

Wawrinka wore the ProEx in Australia and he wore the ProCL at the French Open.

First of all, the shoe is comfortable. My feet find it extremely hard to find shoes that fit just right and hold their shape. The Yonex Power Cushion Pro did just that and more.

They gave great support. I felt safe changing direction and making quick stops.

They are durable. The toe area of a tennis shoe is the most used portion of a tennis shoe and the Pro Cushion has high tech construction in the toe. I seem to think that extra molding and thought that went into the construction of the toe helps the rest of the shoe.

Also of note, the outsole appears to be very durable. In my tests on and off the court, barely a nick or scrape was noticed. At this rate, the sole could outlast other parts of the shoe- rare in high performance tennis shoes.

This shoe will meet the needs of any player and if world No. 3, Stan Wawrinka is using them to win major championships, they are good enough for your USTA 4.0 league or your club championships.

Per Yonex, here are some of the features of the Power Cushion Pro.

Weight 13/1 oz. (men’s 9.5); 10/8 oz. (Woman)

Sizes:6-12, 13 (Men); 5.5-10.5 (Women)

Idea Foot Types: Neutral, pronated, supinated

The Power Cushion Pro comes in four attractive colors: black, white with yellow trim, white with red trim, and red.

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