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Yon-Ka Paris Summer Skin Care Essentials


Pioneers in aromatherapy, Cécile, Ernst and Charles Muhlethaler are passionate about aromatherapy and in 1954 they found the Laboratories Multaler. At the time, the wealth of ancestral and empirical knowledge they were able to draw upon was shared only by a small number of scientists, chemists and doctors. At first they focus on the subtle aromas of the botanical world, the essential oils charged with solar energy. Not wanting to limit themselves to the essential oils,when so many other wonders can be drawn from plants so Ernst and Muhlethaler broaden their research, blend essential oils together with plant and marine extracts, in lotions, creams and massage oils, unveiling new synergies. This French family owned company since 1968 is driven by the same passion and values like their founding predecessors and parents, they bring the company to the next level both for the industrial processes and the commercial development. Based in the Paris metropolitan area, the company is now set on premises of over 86,000 square feet. It develops its own exclusive formulas, manufactures, inspects, controls and distributes Yon-Ka worldwide. The Yon-Ka phyto-aromatic products have acquired an international recognition as experts in Phyto-Aromatherapy. They can be found in more than 50 countries present in more than 5000 of the most exclusive spas and resorts, collaborating with dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Yon-Ka today is the only brand that can offer a unique sense of well-being while delivering immediate long lasting results to the most demanding skins. Visit:

Getting ready for summer fashion, Yon-Ka Slimming and Firming skincare products aid in some of the winter stay-warm, bundle-up effects that happen during long cold winters.

PHYTO 152 To help refine the figure, an
essential product for a slimming routine. Improves "orange-peel" skin
associated with mild water retention. Rich in climbing ivy with legendary
"anti-water retention" virtues, improves the tone and texture of the
epidermis, and preserves its tone during weight variations. Adds
flexibility to tissues and improves elasticity. Key Ingredients: Climbing
Ivy improves circulation, drains, and helps bruise reduction


PHYTO-GEL EXFOLIANT To make your skin new as
often as required, this gel with a fine soothing foam gently cleans and
exfoliates dead skin cells and rough spots. Key Ingredients: Bamboo silica
gently polishes the skin, Jojoba Pearls gently exfoliate and leave a light
protective layer of hydration. Sweet Almond Proteins, Red Algae, and Lactic
Acid soften and hydrate

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