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Yolo Basin: Another Great Open Space

Yolo Bypass Wildlife Refuge is a flyway zone
Yolo Bypass Wildlife Refuge is a flyway zoneDavid Stillwell

Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is a 25 square mile wild life refuge that sits between Sacramento and Davis. The area is important to waterfowl as a stop over for migrations that happen in spring and fall. This is also an important area for local wildlife. Urbanization is a primary cause of loss of habitat for wildlife throughout most communities. Yolo Bypass also plays an important role in controlling flooding within Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Blackbird sitting amid the spent Anise
Blackbird sitting amid the spent AniseDavid Stillwell

Yolo basin boasts an amazing 200 species of birds that pass through the causeway each year. For a partial list of wildlife within the Yolo Bypass follow the link: Bird List. The Yolo Bypass is also home to bats, which take up residence under the freeway. A great time to see the bats emerge is about 40 minutes before Sun set. The Yolo Bypass closes at Sunset so for bat viewing, park outside of the gates.

Directions are easy: MAP The Yolo Bypass sits along Interstate 80 between Sacramento and Davis. From either direction exit at Chiles Road and follow the signs. There is a driving tour that is excellent. Bring Binoculars for best viewing results. The Refuge is open 7 days per week. The refuge opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. The only time the Yolo Bypass is closed is during floods.

If you have not been to the Yolo Bypass Wild Life Refuge, go. It is an awesome way to escape the grind of suburbia. Best months to view wildlife are during both Spring and Fall. Though there is always something to see and discover.