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Yolanda Foster credits Brandi's behavior to "severe depression"

Yolanda Foster attends the WIN Awards at Santa Monica Bay Womans Club on December 11, 2013 in Santa Monica, California.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Yolanda Foster may be one of Brandi Glanville's closest friends on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but even she is pretty horrified by Brandi's behavior on recent episodes of the show. In her weekly blog, Yolanda opens up about Brandi and what she believes to be the underlying issue when it comes to her offensive actions.

"Like I said before, her behavior is unacceptable, but I love her for the loyalty and kindness she has shown me during my battle with Lyme disease," Yolanda wrote in her Jan. 7 Bravo blog. "Regardless though, it is extremely hard to see a friend behave the way that she did and I am not going to defend it -- but I am also not going to walk away from our relationship while knowing she is in a severe depression."

According to Yolanda, she and Brandi spoke in great detail about her depression in their meeting following the dramatic dinner party at SUR, but the scene was edited to not show their discussion.

"I felt really sad for her, but I also had to speak up because I started to feel like a hypocrite for sitting through two of these very dysfunctional dinners without getting much of my true opinion in," she explained. "I am raising daughters and would be absolutely mortified if any of them would see women communicate that way."

While Yolanda admits that depression isn't an excuse for Brandi's behavior, she insists that it is a valid reason for her being so aggressive when it came to her confrontation with Joyce.

Either way, Brandi needs to reevaluate the way that she treats people. As a mother, she has a responsibility to set an example for her two young boys, and this season, she's done a horrible job at it.

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