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Yoido Full Gospel Church -The largest church in the world


Sometimes after walking into a mega-church on a Sunday morning, one can't help but feel a tad small and overshadowed by its size.  But chances are we haven't seen anything compared to the massive gatherings that take place each week at Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul Korea.  Yoido is the largest church on the planet!  Featuring an incredible 830,000 members and 527 pastors, Yoido really knows how to draw a crowd.  But the size of the church doesn't seem to scare anyone off from waking up early and battling the traffic.  In fact even with 7 Sunday services to choose from, seating is still limited and attendance continues to grow every year.   

Is it hard to imagine a church of this magnitude?  Check out these amazing pictures and read up on the Yoido Full Gospel Church story here.


  • calvin 5 years ago

    WOOW, I had never heard of Yodio Gospel Church.
    Starting the church just after a very difficult time for Korea
    is impressive. The church and it's membership have been blessed. Thanks for sharing.

  • Igrid Forsberg 1 year ago

    I visited Yodio Gospel Church in May of 1987. It is a wonderful church. Korean Christians don't mess around. They pray a lot and their churches grow. It was not uncommon for churches in Seoul to run about 5,000...and there were many, many churches in Seoul then. I don't doubt there are even more now. If you want to check out a genuine Korean Prayer Mountain in The United States, there is The A Prayer Mountain in Frazier Park, California.