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Yogurt, pistachios and Cheerios hope to score with Super Bowl snack ads

Super Bowl commercials usually feature foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt - and low on the diet-friendly scale. But it appears that in 2014, healthy food manufacturers including yogurt and pistachios have decided to see if they can score our food dollars by buying commercial time, reported the New York Times on Jan. 20.

Choose one to hold while you munch and watch the food ads during the game.
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Hoping to reach out and touch our tummies that are still bulging from too many indulgences over the winter holidays, two types of yogurt, one brand of pistachios and Cheerios will attempt to appeal to our weight loss wisdom in their counter-intuitive ads to the standard Super Bowl fare.

It's sort of like a fight between the Puppy Bowl baby doggies and Super Bowl dudes. And at least one manufacturer recognizes that he's at the beginning of the race.

“It’s a national conversation we want to start,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and chief executive of Chobani. “We’re saying that we need to make the food revolution happen, better food for everybody.”

Responding to the news that Dannon yogurt also plans to enter the field with its own commercials, the Chobani chief shrugged it off in the spirit of the Super Bowl.

“I love competition,” declared Ulukaya. “I am excited to put this on a show everyone in America watches.”

And for those who are already weeping in their kale juice at the thought of being deprived from commercials for forbidden delights such as candy, chips and sugar-sweetened beverages, fear not.

M&M’s, Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups, Doritos, Coca-Cola and Pepsi also will be hoping to persuade you to part with your food dollars during the Super Bowl commercials. And then there are the inevitable beer ads.

Celebrities will appeal to your beery sensibilities as well during the Super Bowl ad time, revealed Bleacher Reports on Jan. 20. Both Budweiser and Bud Light have planned commercials.

The good news overall for dieters: With the healthier ads taking up part of the commercial conversation, you can enlist a support team for your Super Bowl party. Just run to the kitchen each time that a commercial comes on. Then get one of your weight loss crew to come and tell you if it's a "safe" commercial. Translation: Cheer for Cheerios; boo for Butterfingers.

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