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Yogurt applied to the face fight acne, premature aging and moisture nutrients

Yogurt applied to the face fight acne, premature aging and moisture nutrients
Yogurt applied to the face fight acne, premature aging and moisture nutrients

Your skin runs into countless obstacles and environmental impact all day long. Is flawed skin keeping you from the complexion of your dreams? The cool sensation of yogurt when applied to the skin is recommended for all skin types.

The good, the bad, and the funky

You are not honest with your skin when you are applying makeup to cover up your naughty intentions. Being kind to your skin is being proactive and taking the life of your skin into your own hands. Does your skin offend when you look in the mirror?

The fault in our stars

Skin we are complete jerks to the skin, harsh cleansers, and potions containing chemicals like dimethicones to smooth and remove acne and discoloration. Po-po to the unnaturalness of it all.

Spread the comfort

Creamy and dreamy. Calcium provides cell renewal and lipid barrier function which speaks to skin arriving or already into the “aging zone.” Skin is stripped of its calcium content in the outer layer through natural shedding of skin cells and exfoliation. Low concentrations of protein in the upper layer produce a thicker skin and skin that may hold onto its wrinkles and acne-prone skin, is due to poor shedding from the lack of calcium, the skin doesn’t turn over cells and renew itself. Skin that is constantly receiving calcium is regulated or balanced, and resurfacing at a higher rate.

If your complexion is dull the lactic acid in yogurt is a natural exfoliant. Applying your own moisturizer and makeup after a yogurt facial will reveal smoother skin and skin that glows with health. This ingredient only adds to the benefits of yogurt on the face.

The National Cancer Institute has done extensive research of the skin and the lack of calcium

People with high skin calcium content suffer less premature aging and skin cancer in general. Let yogurt be your guide. Calcium is directly linked to two of the skin antioxidants, superoxide dismutase and catalase. When calcium is present with other biochemical it acts to increase cellular absorption and benefit the skin.

Anti-fungal and ant-bacterial properties of yogurt

Acne and discolorations, are corrected over time with the addition of yogurt applied directly to the skin. Probiotics. No hormone and the non-fatness of yogurt allows skin to adjust and realign, meaning cleansing itself of what you may have ingested in the name of food, or touched your face with.

Moisture, moisture

The key to moisture in this yogurt facial is the yogurt and the water in which you rinse with. With the funk out of the way your skin is free to take in the healing effects of yogurt. Oily skins are moisturized oil-free, dry skin is prone to lackluster is hydrated with nutrients that support the skin and ideal post-shower.

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