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Steve Hubbard's oceanfront yoga class in Pacific Beach
Steve Hubbard's oceanfront yoga class in Pacific Beach

Just a few weeks ago, yoga teacher Steve Hubbard, also known as NamaSteve, received word that his donation-based oceanfront yoga practice in San Diego could go on. For the last six years, Steve has been teaching essentially free power yoga classes at Palisades Park in Pacific Beach. His goal was to make yoga available to anyone who wanted to practice no matter what their budget or skill level. His first class started with just two students but quickly gained in popularity attracting anywhere from 100 - 250 people every Saturday and Sunday, that is until two years ago when local law enforcement began to notice the large group of spandex clad yogis congregating every weekend in the picturesque location.

When Steve moved to San Diego from the East Coast, he settled in the beautiful coastal community of Pacific Beach and found the perfect location for a yoga practice right outside his front door. Palisades Park is a narrow stretch of green grass on a bluff looking over the Pacific Ocean, Pacific Beach Pier and Tourmaline Surf Park. It's a favorite spot for picnics, sun bathing, watching the sunset and now - practicing yoga in peace.

Two years ago police enforcement developed an interest in NamaSteve's oceanfront yoga practice claiming it was against the law for him to have over 49 people at the park without a permit. So, as any good samaritan would do, Steve tried to buy a permit, just to find out they do not offer permits for that specific park. Since he does not have the right to physically remove anyone from his practice, he then tried to abide by the law by passing out numbered cards 1- 49 to the first yogis to arrive and then technically all others were there on their own will, but alas, that was not good enough for law enforcement.

Over the last two years NamaSteve has received numerous tickets and court appearances to defend his San Diego yoga practice and law enforcement even went so far as to show up with three uniformed officers and a paddy wagon during one of his classes. Needless to say, it shook up the supposedly outlaw yogis, but they stood by NamaSteve and continued to show up every weekend.

The stress began to take a toll on Steve and his San Diego oceanfront yoga practice as a police presence made it difficult for his students to find relaxation and solace. But, in early February 2014, NamaSteve received notice that a judge found the case unconstitutional and he was free to continue his practice without interruption.

Now every Saturday and Sunday mornings the public is welcome to NamaSteve's oceanfront yoga classes where Steve focuses on restarting the mind and body in a stress-free environment. His classes are fun and refreshing as his sense of humor and genuine caring for his students shines through.

Join Steve, his fun-loving Boston Terrier, Stewie, and 100+ yogis atop the beautiful bluffs of Pacific Beach in San Diego for a class that challenges and invigorates yogis of all skill level. Donations are appreciated and many of the proceeds are then donated to local charities.

To learn more about NamaSteve and his oceanfront yoga practice visit

NamaSteve is also currently teaching at Reach Yoga in Pacific Beach as well as Core Power.

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