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Yogi spotlight: Erin Levesque

Erin Levesque
Erin Levesque

The Charleston Yogi spotlight is now on Erin Levesque, a Registered Yoga Teacher originally from Connecticut who now calls Charleston hOMe.

Lead to the practice of Yoga upon the recommendation of a Physical Therapist, Erin teaches at Holy Cow Yoga. The primary aim of the practice was to reduce pain in her lower back and hip. Apparently she got more out of it than expected. Who knew how it would all unfold?

Now Erin has practiced Yoga for over 12 years and received her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Holy Cow under the guidance of Trace Sahaja Bonner in 2009. She is currently working on her 500 Hour certification as well.

The following is a brief Q&A with Levesque:

William Hunnell: Who or what inspires you?

Erin Levesque: Children; their honesty and fearlessness!

WH: If you could give one piece of advice to anyone desiring to practice Yoga, what would that be?

EL: Get out of your head and onto your mat!

WH: What are your favorite places or times to practice?

EL: I like to practice best in the company of awesome spirits. Practicing in new cities is so exciting, because it is easier to separate from ego: I don't have expectations and I am excited to absorb fresh energy and ideas

WH: Who were your early influences?

EL: My earliest influences were my "Nana", "Pop Pop", and my parents.

WH: What would you like perspective students to know about you or the classes you teach?

EL: I would like students to know it makes me happy when I see them making intelligent choices about their practice, even and especially when it means they choose postures different from what I instruct.

WH: Are you involved in any outside projects (outside of the Yoga studio)?

EL: I will be instructing free classes outdoors (awesome!) at James Island County Park the evening before each of the five-race Sprint Triathalons beginning in May- free to all not just triathletes! Check out the JI County Park website for details and join us!

WH: Studies have shown that Yoga practitioners generally breakdown as 80% female to 20% male. What is your take on the subject of men and Yoga?

EL: I have noticed that male students are often very introspective in their practice early on, maybe that is a function of what draws them to the mat.

WH: What has Yoga taught you?

EL: Live boldly, laugh loudly, love deeply and don't sweat the little things in life - these are the most precious lessons I have taken from my practice.

Pay Erin a visit at Holy Cow Yoga!

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