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Yoga styles: choose the right one for you


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Yoga can be a great way to improve health and get fit. The question arises: what is the right yoga style for you? This article focuses on the brief description of the popular yoga styles available around Montreal (click here for a list of addresses).

  • Hatha yoga. This is the style most people associate with the concept of yoga. The focus elements of this style are poses (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama), relaxation, and meditation. The goal of this yoga style is to reach physical and mental balance.
  • Ashtanga yoga. This is aerobically intensive and fast style. Ashtanga is great for people looking for a good workout: it strengthens the muscles and burns calories at the same time. 
  • Ayengar yoga. This yoga type focuses on holding poses, starting from the simplest ones. Try Ayengar to improve balance, stretch, and muscle tone.
  • Bikram yoga (hot yoga). This style is practiced at 40.5 degrees Celsius, and consists of 26 poses over 90 minutes. Bikram is great for de-stressing, improving circulation, weight loss, and strengthening muscles. Hot yoga is usually recommended for patients suffering from arthritis and diabetes, as well as physical rehabilitation patients. However, it is best to consult a doctor before enrolling.
  • Power yoga. This is an intense workout. Power yoga increases flexibility, strength, and tone.
  • Yogalates. This is a fusion of yoga and pilates. This style combines strength-building excesses with the development of flexibility and control. Yogalates are recommended for all groups--from beginner to advanced.
  • Viniyoga. This is a therapeutic yoga style that is adjusted individually. Viniyoga focuses not on the correctness of the poses, but rather on the feelings one gets from it. This yoga type is excellent for physiotherapy patients.
  • Kundalini yoga. Mostly focuses on lower back. The goal of this yoga style is to awaken the energy of the "coiled snake" in your lower back. 

So, pick a yoga type that is right for your needs--you will not be disappointed!  


  • Carol Roach, Montreal Mental Health Examiner 5 years ago

    is there one for obese people?

  • Dasha (Author) 5 years ago

    Hey Carol!
    Sorry for the late reply. There is no specific yoga style for severely overweight people specifically, but the instructor recommends to start with Hatha and move on to more dynamic types as the trainee builds up the balance and the strength to endure the aerobic workout like Ashtanga. Hope this answers your question :)

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