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Yoga Stretches for Children

Yoga Stretches for Children
Yoga Stretches for Children
Kidskills International

Yoga Stretches for Children

Yoga stretches give a satisfaction! Try bringing your children both the awareness of their spine and their alignment while educating them about a basic yoga posture.

The Child's Pose can be a natural extension the Kidskills Training Program. The back exercise called: Old Nag! Mad Cat! teaches the youngster to maintain a solid position while standing on their hands and knees.

The basic stand on the hands and knees should have their hands place shoulder width apart with all their fingers pointing forward. Take time to look at their back before their start the action.

While keeping legs solid and arms straight the child acts like a Mad Cat, arching their spine, then ask them to drop their back [rib cage] and act like an Old Nag! This recruits the back and the supporting muscles. The brain gets lots of stimulation too!

Coordination blooms and embeds!

NOW, add the yoga stretch, Child's Pose! Ask the child to move from the hands and knees postion to a position sitting on their heels. Keep their arms l-o-n-g with their palms glued to the floor - just where they started.

The knees and feet are held, side-by-side and the head is touching the floor. Let them hold the position for a minute. It will feel satisfying and will be an exercise that they will return to...over their lifetime.

A lifetime skill...what a great legacy to give to your children. The JOY of movement!!

Yoga Stretch: Child's Pose

This position will lengthen the spine and will feel excellent. You can do it alongside your child. Take a minute of two to rest in this Child's Pose.

If you find this activity useful for your children, there is a series of six KidSKILLS Movement and Sports Training Manuals available for Nooks, Kindles, and iPad.

Source: via Diane on Pinterest


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