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Yoga, personal training, and good nutrition help you feel your best

Michael Lloyd-Billington
Michael Lloyd-Billington
courtesy of Michael Lloyd-Billington

Michael Lloyd-Billington’s life and work are informed by yoga—by asana practice and philosophy. Combining yoga with his background in fitness and nutrition, he has created a unique blend of services to foster mental and physical wellbeing, including yoga and meditation classes, yoga counseling, and personal training.


Lloyd-Billington, who has a degree from Hampshire College in comparative religion and philosophy and training in Integral Yoga, says that “both our physical capacity and our feeling in our own body strongly affect our values and life experience. I support clients in seeing that,” he says, “and it generates motivation.”


 “Integral” is the English term for Raja Yoga, a form of yoga that emphasizes the various parts of a human being, such as the cognitive, devotional, physical and social branches of our experience. It is more gentle than many forms of yoga and has a strong emphasis on mind-body integration. “We feel the simplest poses are usually the ones that confer the most benefits, both physically and mentally, even in more advanced classes,” says Lloyd-Billington.


“In my experience, Integral Yoga tends to appeal to people looking for a gentler, less-intimidating style of yoga.” It can be satisfying to people in midlife or those who have been away from physical activity, as well as those who have an interest in the emotional side of yoga, mind-body integration, relaxation, and more emphasis on health rather than fitness, he says.


In one-on-one yoga counseling sessions, Lloyd-Billington draws from core philosophical teachings of yoga in order to help people find better harmony in the various areas of their lives. “There are tools and techniques developed by the yogis for looking at physical, cognitive, and emotional areas of life that we can use to improve our relation to ourselves.”


As a personal trainer and long-time student of nutrition, Lloyd-Billington also helps individuals find workouts and diets to suit their needs. Putting together these various elements of yoga, fitness, and philosophy, he sees it all as relating to the aim of yoga espoused by his own yoga teacher: “The goal of yoga is to be peaceful, easeful and useful.”


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