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Yoga is for every fitness level and you should add it to your work out

Yoga for everyone
Yoga for everyone

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and it has become a long time trend in the fitness industry and it is here to stay. Yoga originated in India, and the word “yoga” means to join or unite from the word “Yuj” which comes from the Sanskrit language, and in retrospect means becoming in peace and harmony with the universe and with oneself. Yoga is a form of exercise that makes one balanced and functional in everyday life by becoming intact with one’s consciousness and becoming balanced within the mind and body with the world around us.

Yoga is very different than the traditional form of exercise such as cardiovascular or aerobic exercise with walking, running or biking and strength training which is in the form of lifting weights for strength and increasing muscle size. Yoga is a form of fitness of holding body positions for a certain amount of time, working in the multi-directional planes of the body within the biomechanics of how the body moves which makes the exerciser hold the position further and further and adding to the position for progression. This is NOT a form of strength, but a form of endurance, which is completing long bouts of holding body positions for a long period of time. If you take a look at the actin and myosin filaments that are cross bridges, the actin are light in red or pink and the myosin are dark in red. The actin are the fibers that hold more oxygen and will sustain the body during long bouts of exercise. The myosin have the ability to ignite the body for short bouts of activity for 0-60 seconds, depending on the specific individual.

Exercisers that have been working out for many years on a regular routine or that are just starting to work out on an exercise program are often intimidated to start working with a yoga program. These regular exercisers or beginners fear that they will get injured or that this is not the place for them, but this is not true at all.

There are so many forms of yoga that can benefit all health populations from beginners, advanced to seniors. You must find the proper place to practice yoga, and it might take some research in your area to find the proper classes. Most health clubs have yoga classes, but you might have to become a member, but you might be able to find yoga studios that hold yoga classes and you can pay for classes working with a group of people and that advances to different levels and reach goals together.

The benefits are non-stop if you start practicing now with better flexibility, overcoming osteoporosis and arthritis and musculoskeletal injuries such as sprained ankles or knees and, of course, bad backs and improving core stability as well as relieving stress from the mind and body. Imagine leaving a yoga class just relaxed and not caring about a thing in the world but getting home and wanting to eat a nutritious lunch or dinner with a great tall glass of water or a great cup of tea and then going to bed and sleeping pleasantly.

There are so many forms of yoga for all levels of health and fitness and you should research out the health clubs and studios around you, along with trying out a DVD to get familiar with the practice of yoga. Yoga has been known to be taken in a more low intensity for a more spiritual practice all the way to a higher intense fitness yoga with faster body movements to even higher intense heat for sweating and body cleansing and one can find a class that has such combinations.

However, it is important to find the right instructor and to make sure they are properly educated and licensed. You should always try to review a class and talk to the instructor you are looking to take a class from. They should at least offer you one free class and maybe a couple in order to see how you like their instruction, and hopefully you will see the cost effective of spending on yoga for all health populations. Yoga, over time, will help improve your everyday functions and being able to be stress free and improve injuries along with becoming more in tuned with the world around you.

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