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Yoga for runners -- on your time


Yoga Shunya, 275 Grove Street, Jersey City

Finding time to achieve balance
Cross-training is good for runners -- the challenge is finding time for all those good-for-you things. For example, the physical and mental benefits of yoga for runners have been featured here throughout the past few months. There are various yoga studios, classes, and instructors in Jersey City, including Yoga Shunya, which has been featured here also. However, fitting weekly mileage and yoga classes into a busy schedule is difficult. If made to choose, most runners will hit the road once they're out the door, not a yoga mat.

Be flexible in approach and body
Audio and video podcasts, On Demand television programming, and DVDs provide at-home, on-your-time alternatives for runners to develop and maintain a regular yoga practice.

A recent Stretch column in the Metropolitan section of the Sunday New York Times reviewed a selection of online studios that offer videos, podcasts, and DVDs -- many free or at very low cost. A tested Examiner favorite are the Yoga Download audio podcasts, available free on the site or at iTunes. The sessions are a reasonable 20 minutes, the verbal instruction is clear, and classes are organized thematically, e.g., yoga for runners.

Comcast's On Demand programming offers more than movies and popular television programs: The Exercise & Fitness option has a selection of yoga classes that covers a range of styles, levels, and class durations. A tested Examiner favorite is the Yoga Works series. Sessions are in the 15 to 20 minute range, the verbal and visual instruction is clear, and the studio setting and tone is crisp, not crunchy. Area or goal specific video shorts are also available online through the Comcast web site, e.g., an under-two-minute video on core strengthening poses.



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