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Yoga for Kids at the Northwest Regional Library, Jan. 23!

The video my kids request all the time, unsolicited. You can buy it at Target.
The video my kids request all the time, unsolicited. You can buy it at Target.

Coral Springs has a HUGE library on University, just a few blocks south of Sample Road. I’m there so often, the Young Adult (section) librarians know which puzzles to offer my kids. We visit the location every time we can make their Wags n’ Tales Program, which is just wonderful because it lasts an hour and includes an art project relevant to the story everyone just stood up and danced to.

Now they’ve got something new going on, and I’m writing to tell you how worthwhile it is. About a week and a half ago we attended “Have Fun with Yoga” in the main lobby’s big conference room. I was skeptical at first; I’d tried something called “Teeny Weeny Yoga” before they were 2—it should have been called “Huge Gigantic Nightmare.” But in retrospect, it didn’t work because the yoga master’s approach was all wrong. You could tell she was probably "just wonderful!" with her adult yoga students back at the studio in Boca, but the sophisticated Dali Lama stuff she tried instilling in her toddler audience (at a hospital community outreach program) had my kids running for the ball pit in the corner.

This time, at the library, the yoga master’s approach was stylized much like a GAIAM Entertainment “Yoga for Kids” video that my kids love and use at home. The instructor on the video—a woman named Marsha Wenig—is so friendly and engaging, she talked ME into belly crawling, donkey kicking and pretending to be a chicken. Once I made it clear we were reporting to the library for yoga, my kids asked me. “Will Marsha be there?”

The lady who hosts the program is not Marsha Wenig, but just as good. I hear she does birthday parties, so ask for her card if you make it out. You don’t need to bring any mats or water bottles, just make sure the kids are in comfortable clothes. The yoga lasts an hour and there’s a row of comfortable chairs so far back against the wall that your kids will forget you’re there, about to have a coronary over how cute two year olds look pretending to be popped popcorn.

The next event is January 23rd at 4pm. Pre-registration is required (all you have to do is call 954-357-7528), which makes sense considering what a full house the yoga lady got last time: about 17 kids ranging in age from 22 months to 9 years old. My Pre-K boy and Pre-school aged girl couldn’t get enough of it; they laughed heartily and wanted to check out books on “Peace”, the theme on which their yoga routine was based. We’ll definitely be going back 2 Saturdays from now. The trip will be extra purposeful…our library books are due!