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Yoga for athletes

Finding stillness in Dancer Pose
Finding stillness in Dancer Pose
Image Provided by Dave Farmar's Website

Many athletes spend so much time already training, logging their miles in the pool, on the bike, or on their feet that they rush through the strethcing part. While this is understandable, especially for those training for longer events such as an Ironman or multi-day Adventure Race, the care of hard worked muscles can no longet be overlooked. This needs to be thought of as part of the workout.

Some signs that your muscles need a good, deep stretch are tight hips which bother you after sitting for hours at a desk or work, hamstrings which begin to tighten when walking up stairs, and general cramps and tightness.

The idea many people have of yoga, is a quiet room where they have to sit still and think about waves. Yoga can be as intense, if not more than most conventional workouts. A type of yoga which draws the highest numbers of endurance athletes is Baptise Power Yoga. This fast moving yoga builds strength, stamina, increases lung cpacity, and allows your hardworked often injured muscles to begin to heal.

Feeling like yoga just doesn't fit into your budget? Women's Health Magazine offers video tutorials of all the poses so that you can learn the corret alignment. They will email you workouts specific for your needs for free.

There are also wonderful free podcasts available through itunes with some of the nation's best teachers. You can dowload the podcast and have a wonderful yoga session right at your home. Two of my favorites are: David Farmer and Phil Urso.

Also there are many wonderful yoga studios in the Boston area offerring all kinds of yoga classes.

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