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Yoga energy being harvested in Ann Arbor's Kerrytown

Ramesh Balabhadruni explaining energy chart for Sahaja Yoga practice.
Ramesh Balabhadruni explaining energy chart for Sahaja Yoga practice.
Photo by Donald Michael Schwartz

Last Fall, the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market was not the only harvest in Kerrytown.  The Sahaja Yoga meditation practice was introduced to participants at the Kerrytown Concert House in September of last year. The Sahaja Yoga meetings have been in various places in Ann Arbor since 2002. 

The Sahaja meditation yoga practice focuses on cultivating of the unity of seven energy areas of the body and harvesting the energy of the kundalini, as pictured in the poster in the upper left of this article. 

The group recently changed their name from Ann Arbor Meditation Meetup group to the Michigan Meditation Meetup Group.

The Kerrytown meetups start up again February 17th.

They also meet in Farmington Hills, the Ypsilanti District Library, and in Troy.

The Sahaja meditations in Kerrytown are organized by Katja Maria, who lives in Ann Arbor.  At  the September 19th Farmington Hills meeting she stated that as a researcher in psychology she is interested in the human condition and noticed that, "The modern world is so busy it is easy to start going to every extreme that it is possible for us to go.  It is really hard for us to stop.

"In the process of being so busy it is so easy to start losing the connection with ourselves," Maria continued, "the pure inner-self or who we truly are.  Through this meditation we can actually start to balance more and establish that connection again, and that increases our well being. I think that is really beautiful."

Prashant Sopory, from Novi, a fifteen year practitioner of Sahaja explained that before he started, "I was a person who was very introvertive, passive, was scared all the time...fear of meeting other people and sharing myself. All these fears use to stop me from realizing who really I am.  So once I experienced Sahaja meditation one of the things that I realized that your real identity is not your weaknesses.  Your real identity is these inner qualities which are generally hard to attain.  Once you experience the union [of your body's energy] these become your ornaments and part of your being.  And, once you start uniting with these qualities,  expressive part of your being...All the time you feel completely transformed.

"I challenge anybody who experiences this thing, [to see if they] feel the transforming process over the journey through Sahaja meditation."

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Donald Schwartz joined the Michigan Meditation Meetup Group while writing the story.


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