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Yoga babies

Moms already know that yoga is a relaxing activity with the stretches and concentration activities that are designed for toning and finding some quiet time for the mind, but have you ever thought about yoga for your baby? Yoga is now recommended for infants from 8 weeks to almost walking stage. Yoga can help with your infant's digestion and the sleep-wake cycle that you find yourself in with a newborn.

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The Cottages at Michaels Learning Center in Sarasota is offering Mommy and Baby Yoga classes beginning on February 10 from 10:00 a.m. until 10:30 for moms and infants from 8 weeks until the almost walking stage. The first class is free. Come and socialize with other moms to learn stretching, breathing exercises, and play activities that are especially designed to promote good digestion for your infant. The exercises for your infant are also designed to help regulate the sleep-wake cycle for your infant. Moms can build strength and bond with their infants with these classes.

The Cottages at Michaels Learning Center is one of the few centers in Sarasota that has childcare for infants. Their "green" childcare policies in the infant cottages is of special interest. The childcare center is located at 802 McIntosh Road in Sarasota..

Moms are invited to participate in the Mommy and Baby Yoga classes for great bonding time with your infant.

Check out the included video for a sample of baby yoga activities.

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