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Yoga Asanas bring life to the body

Asana is the name for the postures of yoga. Yoga asanas include forward bends, twists, backward bends, inversions and balancing poses. Practicing these asanas help the body to tone up the muscles and remove built up toxins throughout the body. These toxins cause stiffness in the joints, pain and dysfunction in the body. By practicing the poses this send oxygen and nutrient rich blood to nourish each and every part of the body. This in turn, can help the body heal.

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Some other benefits from practicing asanas include assisting with digestion, improved concentration, increased circulation in the body, increase the immune system, and increased strength and vitality.

To find harmony one must overcome inertia and laziness. It is said in the yoga sutras that no matter how old you are, whether you are well or sick, if you can overcome the inertia and laziness, you will be able to obtain a successful yoga practice. Inertia is described as a tendency of the mind to resist change. Everyone has experienced difficulty with change after all we are human. Humans are creatures of habit. The older one is, the more difficult it becomes to make changes and break the negative patterns that have been made. One must really focus on what they want to achieve harmony.

One of the beauty's of yoga is your practice can be started at any age, no matter what your health is and whether or not you have practiced yoga before. One of the hardest things to do is start your practice, but do not fear, just start. Yoga can be adapted to your fitness level and will constantly be changing. Yoga is a journey. Yoga is available for everyone. There are numerous props available to assist with your poses. In yoga change is actually embraced as you learn to move and flow with life. Initially the poses may seem difficult, but with regular practice the poses will become more comfortable and steady.

The body is designed to move in a variety of ways. When watching a dancer, you can see the beauty of how the body moves and have a greater appreciation for the grace that one is capable of. If you think about how our days generally are they start by sleeping on a comfortable mattress, then perhaps going to a desk job and coming home and spending the evening in a chair or recliner. As a whole our bodies are not moving they way they were designed. Yoga helps to correct these imbalances that are created through the lack of movement and repetitive movements that many endure.

Yoga will condition not only the body, but also the mind. It increases awareness, helps one to focus, relieve stress, decrease pain and help the body to realign. Yoga tones the entire body to create balance throughout.

Yoga helps one to breathe how you did as a child. Adults tend to hold their breath, take short breaths, and tense up. Yoga opens up the chest, teaches you to breathe from the abdomen all while relaxing the body.

Yoga helps our joints by keeping the fluids moving in the body. The practice of yoga should be done with patience, awareness, and mindfulness to avoid injury. Yoga is a continual journey. Always honor your body. Listen to what it is telling you. Do not push to the point of injury.

Yoga can help one improve their quality of life. Yoga can help increase your strength and flexibility as well as improve your mind. Start by practicing your asanas and see and feel the difference in your life.

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