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YMCA of Boulder Valley now offering Kinesis

We all know that the Boulder Valley YMCA has many programs, classes, and amenities for the entire family at an affordable price. We now can add Kinesis to that list. Kinesis will give you a range of circuit exercises using bands that will never get old. With hundreds of separate movements, you can custom build your own regiment or chose from hundreds of exercises that are already available.

When it comes to health and fitness the Boulder YMCA is much more than just a place with fitness and athletic equipment; as part of a YMCA membership you can stop by their Health and Fitness Center and receive a basic health assessment that will measure your current level of cardiovascular health, muscle endurance, flexibility, caliper body composition, and blood pressure. These assessments are free for both new and established members.

For more information on these or any of their programs contact the YMCA of Boulder Valley at 2850 Mapleton Avenue, call 303-442-2778, or visit their website at


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