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YHWH's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's included)


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In a culture saturated with Jesus paraphernalia and a steeple seemingly on every street corner, one is hard pressed to imagine anyone has failed to rub at least one elbow with this ageless compilation known as The Bible.  Regardless of the level of exposure to the actual documents, we all come with a preconceived notion, unavoidable for manuscripts that have been milling about for a couple thousand years and presently sit collectively atop the worldwide all time best sellers list.

It seems natural to find ourselves viewing God’s word similar to a child surveying the rules of a parent; intrusive, restrictive.  As we mature as children of God, just as in the bond with our mortal parents, we understand these guidelines are for our benefit and birthed of love.  But what if we entertain a wholly different perspective?  What if we looked at The Bible as the user’s manual of the universe written by its Creator himself?

In recognition of Creationism, we grasp God’s multi-faceted role as conceptualist, designer, and manufacturer of all we know.  In addition to the witness of our five senses, we have also come to recognize and accept natural law. We understand physics of the universe are governed by a set of rules, gravity; inertia.  Our animal and plant life have an observable hierarchy which preserves and perpetuates thousands of ecosystems all across our globe.  Additionally, we recognize the necessity of institutional law.  From our schools, to our courtrooms, to our family homes we are able to concede that an established code is required to maintain order.  What would our highways be if each of us buckled in with no expectation of conduct behind the wheel, no enforceable system?

If we take a moment to consider all that we identify seems to be subject to an established convention, it is illogical to consider our own activities to be the sole exception.  Man’s eternal struggle, long established, is the submission of his will to that of God’s own.  But this becomes less painful when we realize, just as ignorance to the persistence of gravity does not cease apples from landing in the grass, blinding our eyes to the moral code established by our Creator has no affect on its existence.  Rather than approaching these volumes teeming with internal retreat, seeing them as infringements on our freedoms, we can embrace them with the anticipation of revelation, as the Master Weaver dictates how He designed the most marvelous portion of our reality.  With gracious thanksgiving, let us embrace His guidance and His love. 


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