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Evgeni Plushenko withdraws at Sochi Olympics; figure skater injured (photos)

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When Yevgeny Plushenko skated up to the judge's table on Thursday morning at his turn at the ice and he did the unexpected. The audience knew something was wrong, but what happened shocked everyone. The tenth skater of the program withdrew from the Sochi Olympics. According to NBC Sports on Thursday the skater might have a spine injury. Another news outlet suggested it was a snap in his back that started the medical concern.

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"Plushenko cannot participate due to a trauma,” said the loud voice in Russian over the microphone at the arena. The crowd grew silent and most have feared the worse on what injury that Yevgeny Plushenko might have. Could this be the moment that ends Plushenko's long figure skating career?

The Russian skater was heavily favorite to win the competition and his time on the ice is always electrifying. However this time, with this competition, he had to make a decision to pass and leave the ice without showing his program to the world.

Frankly, the loss of Yevgeny Plushenko in the men’s program is huge. He’s a star in figure skating and his career has been widely followed. He leaves with a legacy known to almost well by the fans. And if he ever decides to return to the ice, his fans will be in the stands waiting. He is one of the best male figure skaters that has ever touched the ice!