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Yet another UK sinkhole 'this week': One of many UK earth wobble events in Feb

Can you believe the so-called experts when they tell you sinkholes are normal?
Can you believe the so-called experts when they tell you sinkholes are normal?
Sky News

In the early morning hours of Feb 15, 2014, yet another gigantic sinkhole opened in the United Kingdom, this time under a house in Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. A builder who was driving by around 7 a.m. noticed the huge crater at the side of the house and raised an alarm by knocking on neighbors’ doors before calling the police.

How can you believe so-called “experts” when they don’t have a clue?
Various sources

Carla Rance said she first rang her housing association's out-of-hours hotline on January 4 when her house "sank overnight," but a full day later they had sent no one to check on it. She was assured by the housing association that her the property was "in no danger," even after her front porch sank.

"I was furious," Rance said. "They told me they thought there might be some sort of water leak that had softened the foundations of the house. It's in a shocking state but they were telling me 'it was normal.' I was ringing them on a daily basis in tears because last week I couldn't even open my front door. The man from the housing association told me to wiggle the handle."

Rance said she was calling the housing association daily, but was continually "assured there was no threat." They told her repeatedly everything was all right.

"They've not been interested in me at all.'

What utter nonsense. How can so-called "experts" assure anyone there’s no danger from sinkholes, when they don’t have the slightest clue what’s causing them? Or, if they do know the cause, they certainly aren't sharing that information with an inquiring public.

The land in many areas of the world is cracking and pulling apart, a precursor to the approaching Pole Shift. Earth changes are many, especially in stretch zones.

What is a stretch zone?

A stretch zone is an area where land that is being stretched and pulled apart cracks and crumbles, dropping buildings, creating sinkholes, and more. Lands bordering the Atlantic Ocean, like the United Kingdom, are being pulled apart as the ocean is stretched and Earth is unrelentingly stressed by the presence of Planet X (Nibiru) in the solar system.

Sinkholes like this one are yawning open daily around the world. Rance, who lives in the house next-door to the one now teetering dangerously over the 20 ft. sinkhole, has now been forced to evacuate on a moments notice with her three children, and boyfriend Ross Miller.

A few recent examples of earth wobble/stretch zone incidents this week alone in the United Kingdom include:

  • 15 ft. deep sinkhole hole on the central reservation of the M2 near Sittingbourne, Kent, Tuesday.
  • Sinkhole swallowed trampoline in family’s back garden Wednesday.
  • On Thursday, part of a building attached to a former theatre collapsed
  • Two sinkholes have appeared in fields in Kent
  • Sinkhole appeared at a school in Gillingham near the sports hall of the school
  • Another sinkhole appeared at Gillingham Anchorians Rugby Club grounds.

Earlier this month, a sizeable sinkhole measuring 30 ft. deep swallowed a car in the driveway of Phil and Liz Conran's home in High Wycombe. And, 10 people were injured when a gas explosion "flattened" two houses on a street in Clacton, Essex.

Rance and 17 other homeowners have now been evacuated, and two houses (built just six years ago) will have to be demolished. Rance told MailOnline:

"They came and chucked me out in my pajamas. I just had time to shove on a pair of jeans and a jumper. I was shaking. My children had their onesies on, and my daughter has a kidney problem. I had to persuade the police to get her medicine from the fridge. My purse is sitting on my kitchen table with all my money in it.”

The sinkhole epidemic is in high gear. It's been blamed on everything from global warming to fracking and everything in between. Insurance companies routinely deny sinkhole claims or charge outrageous fees for scant coverage.

Unfortunately, sinkholes and the death and destruction they cause are now being accepted as a normal by an unsuspecting public. There is nothing normal about sinkholes.The number of sinkholes incidents in England during the past week alone, qualifies this normal assumption as "pure nonsense."

Knowledge is power. Be informed. These are not isolated incidents. Accepting the words of so-called "experts" about sinkholes and other earth wobble events as gospel is not wise.

Planet X is real and is nearby, and is relentlessly stressing Planet Earth to the breaking point and beyond.

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