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Yet Another Source of Radio Frequency Pollution

The effects of smart meters are beingbags from chips)overshadowed bgreen and healthy homes . netst is using it current LAN systems as oppotunities to install wifi systems that provide strong signals for hot spots. If you have a Comcast account, soon you will be able to log in almost anywhere. The downside of this is that the wifi signals are much stronger than the smart meter signals, oh joy. The sources tend to be installed on utility poles which tend to be in back of homes. Smart meters tend to be in front. For those whose bedroom is at the back of the house, this is a major problem.

Of the 4 homes I tested in my neighborhood, 3 shared utilitiy poles in the back and all had at least one utility pole in the back, all had strong radio frequency emissions coming from behind the house and all of the people involved were having sleep problems and slept in the back of the house. Radio frequency radiation affects the melatonin cycle in the brain. A strong wifi signal will make you feel like you had a cup of coffee. No doubt we will be told that there broadcasts support or Constitutional right to freedom of speech, the same argument that is used in DC to justify a looser standard of visibility in historic districts (unobtrusive) compared to solar panels (invisible ).

What are our options? At the moment, two come to mind. One is shielding instrategic places. What shields? Metals work well. Aluminum foil or aluminized mylar (bags from chips) works well. Other shielding products can be found at The lady who owns and runs this business will be in the DC area in mid-May. Another company, more local, that offer such testing is One of the products they sell, Inflector, is also shielding based on my readings. However, I am not a certified, independent laboratory so I can only speak from personal experince with my HF RF meter made be Gigahertz Solutions. Infector has other nice features for energy conservation.


If political solutions arise, expect another article.

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