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Yet another crane collapse, this time at U.S. Steel: More proof of earth wobble?

Three accidents (2 fatal) at U.S. Steel in little over 3 months
Three accidents (2 fatal) at U.S. Steel in little over 3 months
twelvesouls et al

In just a little over three months at U.S. Steel's Ecorse plant near Detroit, a crane collapsed, a pipeline broke and fell, collapsing a building's roof, and a massive ladle of molten steel "tipped over" triggering an explosion. Two of the three calamities at U.S. Steel involved loss of life - Antonio Palazzolo and Chris Casto.

  • U.S. Steel crane collapse kills one (Apr 4)
  • Broken pipeline and roof collapse at US Steel (Mar 27)
  • U.S. Steel molten metal spill and explosion kills one (Dec 16)

Could the incidents at U.S. Steel and other recent earth wobble events in Michigan be connected? You may recall that earth-wobble incidents include such events as crane collapses, train derailments, building explosions and collapses, sinkholes, underground explosions, and more.

During that same time from (Dec-March), earth wobble incidents in Michigan included loud booms, underground explosions and exploding manhole covers in Detroit, and just a few days ago, yet another massive sinkhole opened in downtown Detroit. A train derailed in Saginaw, third derailment in the same area, and a commercial building in Lansing collapsed. In March, a natural gas explosion ripped through a house in Branch County, and more large sinkholes opened on the Eastern Michigan University campus, as well as in West Bloomfield Township, Royal Oak, and Farmington Hills.

Ecorse, location of U.S. Steel plant, sits on the banks of the Detroit River. The Zetas of ZetaTalk have explained that rivers like the Detroit River and other large bodies of water like the Great Lakes are found along stretch or tear zones for a reason -- they represent weak spots in the earth. These are places where tectonic plates separated in the past and water pooled in these areas.

Due to pressure being put on it by Planet X (Nibiru), the North American continent is being stretched diagonally from the southwest to northeast. In stretch zones, land that formerly supported infrastructure pulls apart leaving buildings, roads, bridges, and pipelines sudden unsupported and subject to collapse, while the earth wobble causes cranes and ladles of molten metal to tip without warning.

U.S. Steel Plant incidents in little over three months:

Crane collapse: On Apr 4, Chris Casto, a crane operator at U.S. Steel, was killed when the crane he was operating "tipped over," throwing him to his death. The crane was making repairs caused by a pipe that broke and fell onto a U.S. Steel building, collapsing the roof.

Pipeline break and roof collapse: On March 27, a 200 ft. long and 20 ft. wide pipeline broke and fell onto a U.S. Steel building causing the roof to collapse. The pipe, called a “down comer,” transports waste from the steel-making process out of the plant.

Molten metal spill and explosion: On Dec 15, Antonio Palazzolo, 31, was killed when a ladle of molten metal "tipped" and spilled the molten steel, which then melted through a wall and out onto the snow. When the molten metal hit the snow, it "flash froze," triggering the blast that killed Palazzolo, who was was in a shack a few hundred feet from the building where the spill occurred. The building was hit with a barrage of shrapnel.

By the way, investigators have since determined that the ladle of molten steel, like the crane, "tipped over."

Cranes are collapsing and tipping over all over the world with greater frequency as time passes. This and other bizarre phenomena are now accepted as part of the "new normal," along with multiple massive earthquakes, quake swarms in the thousands, gigantic sinkholes swallowing buildings, cars, and people, and more.

If this feels like normal to you, then it's definitely time to connect the dots. These events are not isolated incidents or coincidence. There is a powerful force behind them all that is becoming more difficult to deny with each passing day--that powerful force is Planet X (Nibiru).

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