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Yesterday, Today and Forever released to DVD

Yesterday Today and Forever (YTF) the movie is an urban Christian film that brings Jesus back in present times performing miracles that are well documented in the Bible. From casting out demons to feeding a multitude with two fish and five loaves of bread, Jesus performs the miracles and teaches the people; only to have the current day Pharisees hate him and plot against him. The movie was created by Film Director Domingo Guyton who was born and raised in Boston, MA. Domingo Guyton has a strong sense of urban culture and how it relates to the college classroom. The earlier years of his life were documented in two books, Jackie Waldman’s Teens With The Courage To Give and Barbara Metzler’s Passionaries. His music has appeared in several TV shows and movies, including MTV & Paramount Pictures’ Spring Break Lawyer, NBC’s Just Deal and ABC’s Lincoln Heights. For six years he was the drummer for two time Grammy® award winning Tavares. He is the co-producer of Lest We Forget: The Black Holocaust, which won Best Documentary for HBO Films 2007 Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival. The producer of over 150 songs, 12 music videos, 7 CD’s, 3 documentaries and 1 book, Guyton has created something truly unique with this new movie YTF. Not only is it a true representation of familiar Bible passages, it is also presented in manner that is relevant to current times and compels the viewers to truly sit back and contemplate what it would be like having Christ amongst us in present times. The movie has already won the Audience Award at the San Francisco Black Film Festival and was nominated for Best Religious Film at the San Francisco Black Film Festival and was the runner up at the KingdomWood Christian Film Festival in Atlanta, GA.

Now an adjunct professor at Worcester State University and Springfield College-Boston Campus, Guyton travels the U.S., giving a wide range of presentations. A few institutions and community agencies he has presented to: Clark University in MA, Colby College in ME, Spring Mountain Youth Camp in NV and Underground 101 in RI.

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