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Yes there will be a gubernatorial candidate from Western Pa. - maybe

Jack Wagner running for Governor of Pennsylvania
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Former State Auditor General Jack Wagner is no stranger to the Pittsburgh political scene. He's no stranger to the process of running for governor in the Commonwealth, either. And, it looks like the 66-year-old veteran of the campaign trenches will be putting himself back in the fray this election season. reports that Wagner allies are starting to collect signatures for a primary run in May. Again, this is not something new for Wagner - he's tried unsuccessfully in 2010 to get the Democratic party nomination for governor. While he does have statewide name recognition due to his previous stint as Auditor General, he hasn't been faring well in primaries, with four total failed attempts - one governor, one lieutenant governor, and two Pittsburgh mayoral races.

While it's nice to see the Democrat field rounded out with a candidate from Western Pennsylvania, it's not necessarily a great thing to see that person be Wagner. That name recognition that he's hoping will help him win the nomination may very well come back to bite him. Is he better known for his time in office, or for his failed attempts to get back into any office? Pennsylvanians will let Wagner know that soon enough in May, assuming that he meets the March filing deadline to get on the ballot.

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