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Yes, there are service cats too

We help too
Karla Kirby

There truly are service cats, feline heroes and heroines that save lives. These special animals are always on the alert, some warning their owners about a pending seizure, others have helped people experiencing severe depression.

Some call them “angel cats” and still others regard them as “special service cats.” Service cats alert the person in the onset of a seizure.

There are remarkable stories about hero cats. One feline warned his owner about with pending seizures since she was a teenager. This cat is named James, who is a Persian
James is trained to walk on a leash, proudly wears a badge and accompanies her owner everywhere she goes.

Evan was a feline from Tulsa. .Evan let his owner about her awaiting seizure. Evan does it by abruptly going fanatical, tearing the place up—Evan had no training. Evan alerted his owner of oncoming seizures for nine years before crossing the rainbow bridge to heaven. A cat named Bud has since taking over Evan’s role--also with no formal training. Both just naturally knew what to do. .”

Cats have the repute to be tremendously independent, self-regarding and a tad lazy. But cats have helped countless owners through difficult and depression stages of their lives; Cats have a natural knack to get people to see past their problems and concentrate on them... Watching a fascinating feline, feeling their soft fur, looking into their big, mysterious eyes, listening to their purr motors running will lift many a spirit, arouse hope, and take away loneliness. The sheer artistry in a cat’s form will inspire dreams and get you in touch with that inner child who always believes a better day is coming; in fact this one is better because a feline is in it.

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