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Leave it to technology to help solve conundrums that used to take a lot longer to resolve prior to the Information Age arriving. One of those online tools that is helping to make medical prices more transparent is call Yempl, a website that assists patients and physicians in both getting what they want – and that means low costs and more business, respectively.

The website is currently replete with doctors from the New York area, many of whom have customer ratings and their Medicare and/or medical procedure rates published. For example, if you enter the zip code “11373” and select a procedure such as a pap smear from the drop-down menu, the site will return a bevy of information about medical providers in the area that offer that service to women. The data given includes the physician’s office address and other contact details, along with costs and any patient reviews from sites like Yelp and Google. The best parts are the official codes and procedure names listed, so that theoretically you can search for standard rates via search engines using those same codes to get the best idea of costs or price comparisons against standard Medicare rates for the same procedure based upon the state you reside within.

During these times when a segment of the public chooses to pay cash for their medical procedures and not rely solely on an insurance company – either because they are uninsured or don’t like the high deductibles they must meet for their insurance plan’s terms to kick in – sites like Yempl are good for gathering a boatload of information to keep in your arsenal in order to not be blindsided by high and unexpected medical costs.

Doctors seeking to expand their businesses with new patients and to manage their online reputations can use the website to enter the correct costs of their medical rates, so that when patients perform a medical cost look up by medical provider, the most accurate and up-to-date information will be available to searchers.

For instance, a person searching for Botox injections may land on a well-reviewed doctor who has updated their pricing to be competitive with others listed, and at a reduced price for patients who pay on a cash basis. The website has three levels of plans offered for medical professionals, from a basic free plan up to a premium plan that includes real-time alerts, full appointment bookings and more.

Online healthcare marketplaces like these that serve in place of what used to only represent word-of-mouth options are opening up a whole new world of choices for those that want to expand their healthcare choices. Savvy consumers are realizing that they don’t have to be trapped by one medical provider due to a lack of knowledge, but are using the Internet to contrast and compare service prices alongside physician ratings and experience levels in order to find the perfect medical doctor to suit their needs and bank account balances.

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