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Yelp’s deal with Yahoo hits small businesses where it hurts

Yelp's partnership with Yahoo hurts small businesses
Yelp's partnership with Yahoo hurts small businesses
Image created by: Wendy Spickerman

Yelp and Yahoo Team Up

Back in February of 2014, reports were lingering about a deal between Yelp and Yahoo. Yahoo would incorporate into their search listings, reviews and listings from Yelp.
On March 12, 2014, Yelp announced their partnership with Yahoo, “We’re excited to announce that Yelp is partnering with a major search provider to make it even easier to find and connect with great local businesses. Guess who… it’s Yahoo!

With local searches making up 25% of Yahoo search traffic, the demand for reliable local information is high, and we are excited to make this experience even richer for Yahoo users.”

Both companies shares jumped due to this new partnership. However, small business owner are now claiming the partnership between the two companies has a costly affect.

People use Yelp to find local restaurants, doctors and even carpenters and plumbers. It’s also the place businesses rely on clients and patrons to give reviews and recommendations.

Many companies use Yelp for their advertising needs. It’s where they gain credibility of their professional services provided to their customers.

The Wall Street Journal reported on April 9, 2014 that small companies are now claiming their Yahoo reviews are disappearing.

“It’s a slap in the face nearly 50 reviews of Dan Triangle’s, Floor refinishing business have disappeared. Since Yahoo made the deal with Yelp.” Mr. Tringale told The Wall Street Journal he receives about 30% of his business from online searches.

Here Are a Few Tips for Business Owners

  1. Get in touch with those you know who gave you reviews and recommendations.
  2. Explain to them the situation; by briefly, stating their review or recommendation has disappeared from Yelp/Yahoo and ask if they might be willing to write another.
  3. Let clients and patrons know their review was helpful in bringing more prospectors to your business. Saying thank you shows gratitude and may boost possible work in the near future.
  4. Always keep a record of all reviews and recommendations given. This can be helpful for adding quoted statements to your website and for reviewing your company’s goals for providing better customer, service.
  5. It also helps companies to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie. In addition, it gives one the opportunity to look at future endeavors.

If this is the first time, you are hearing about reviews and recommendations disappearing since Yelp and Yahoo made this partnership, please go to your listing and look things over. If you notice any change, you should contact the company immediately.

Has your business been affected by this? We here at examiner would like to know.