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Yellowstone volcano: Next earthquake to set off a volcanic eruption?

Could the Yellowstone volcano erupt when the next earthquake there hits? Late last year the Yellowstone supervolcano was discovered to be over two-and-a-half times larger than scientists originally believed. A flurry of earthquakes, including one a 4.8-magnitude on March 30, have been active. Not long after that quake, a video of bison fleeing the National Yellowstone Park area was posted online.

The Epoch Times published a report April 10 that addressed Yellowstone earthquakes prompting a volcanic explosion as well as skepticism behind the buffalo video. Bloggers also brought attention to a video that surfaced of elk leaping over a fence and running. Is there any merit to these suspicions?

According to Jake Lowenstern, the scientist in charge of Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, the quake would have to be incredibly strong on a seismic level.

”It’s a pretty high bar to start a volcanic eruption at Yellowstone,” Lowenstern said. “To get magma out of the ground you’re going to have to have a lot of earthquakes and a lot of ground deformation — a lot more than we’re seeing now and much more intense.There hasn’t been an eruption at Yellowstone in 70,000 years and 500 to 1,000 earthquakes of this size that have happened over that time.”

Scientists and officials at the national park have informed the public that there are “no signs to suggest that the Yellowstone National Park is about to erupt.” They added that bison and other animals seen in videos venturing off have nothing to do with the Yellowstone volcano, but with their natural instincts to migrate for more food.

“Animals are migrating in search of food as they do every winter/spring," the park said in their video.

Other sources, including USA Today, reassured readers that the Yellowstone volcano is not about to erupt. It makes sense that people might worry a little bit about the supervolcano blowing its top after learning it's so big the entire universe could be destroyed. A few months later animals are running off and earthquakes are reported at the park. It's fairly safe to say that the Yellowstone volcano won't erupt for quite a long time.

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