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Yellowstone volcano: Are bison fleeing Yellowstone because volcano will erupt?

The Yellowstone volcano is what everyone is worried about since a video showing bison flee Yellowstone went viral. Now Yellowstone National Park is reacting to rumors that the bison are leaving the area because they have a sense the supervolcano may erupt, ABC News reports April 4.

Ironically, the YouTube video was posted online March 20, which was 10 days before a 4.8-magnitude earthquake hit. It was the strongest quake in 30 years.

The Yellowstone volcano most likely has nothing to do with the bison moving. The park posted a video explaining how wildlife naturally move around in search of food at lower elevations which aren't covered by snow during spring. Al Nash, the Yellowstone National Park spokesman, said so far there aren't any signs the volcano is going to erupt. Besides, spokesman Dan Hottle told the Jackson Hole Daily that the bison are headed toward the Yellowstone interior and the volcano.

Animals have a sixth sense when it comes to natural disasters and expertly predicting when tragedy will strike. The Yellowstone supervolcano dominated news headlines a few short months ago and then a quake shook the area in March. So, to see bison flee Yellowstone, it's enough to make people wonder. It sounds as if this just sheer coincidence. It's unknown when the Yellowstone volcano will erupt, but scientists don't feel anyone should be alarmed.

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