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Yellowstone volcano: A Russian scientist's view on the Yellowstone volcano

A Russian scientist offered his take on the Yellowstone volcano and whether it will explode in the near future. The supervolcano has been the subject of much research and it was recently discovered just how massive it is. Several quakes around Yellowstone National Park have put a sense of fear in many. Video footage of wildlife fleeing the area at the end of winter just added to that fear.

In a piece published April 21 in the Voice of Russia, Professor of the Petrology Department of Moscow State University geology faculty, Pavel Plechov, agreed with many American scientists regarding the supervolcano. It was revealed that if the volcano explodes, it could potentially obliterate everything globally.

Plechov informs everyone that the Yellowstone volcano won't blow anytime soon. He said "70,000 years has passed since the latest eruption and there were thousands of similar earthquakes in the area but they triggered no eruptions." He recalled a series of larger earthquakes in 2004, 2007, 2009, and 2010 by saying those events were "typical of this region. I see no prerequisites to the big bang and don't expect any."

Live Science also reported similar findings that the Yellowstone volcano won't erupt in the immediate future. Although the 4.8-magnitude quake that shook the national park area March 30 alarmed the nation, researchers said that doesn't mean the volcano is going to "spew or even belch" anytime soon.

Plechov noted that Americans have a "special monitoring service" that indicates there will be "no eruptions for at least one million years!" He went on to say that the Yellowstone caldera is one of the most closely monitored in the world.

"There is an operating volcano observatory – round-the-clock monitoring seismic activity, gases and many other parameters. Yellowstone is well researched – that's why even minor changes cause media outlets to fuss around the globe," Plechov said.

According to the vast majority of scientists who study the supervolcano, they remain confident it won't explode anytime soon. When it comes to the Yellowstone volcano, no one else seem to be quite sure about that.

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