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Yellowstone trout: Scientists winning battle against invasive fish

Yellowstone trout may have won the first battle by taking over the lake, but they are not winning the war. A species of lake trout were illegally introduced into Yellowstone Lake in 1994, and scientists have been battling the invasion ever since. Scientists are now winning the battle with a decrease of this illegal species of trout now being noticed in the lake, according to a report by The Inquisitr.

Scientists battling against illegal trout in Yellowstone Lake.
Mike Cline/Wikimedia Commons.

How did scientists battle the introduction of this species into the lake? There was a capture and kill program that ran up a bill of $2 million each year. Some might say that is too much to pay to kill off a fish, but these new trout interfered with a species of trout that are native to this lake. Cutthroat trout are the native trout here, and they are also fished in these waters. That industry brings in $30 million each year.

The goal of the scientists has been to decrease the Yellowstone trout in numbers enough that it won't interfere with the native cutthroat trout population. This year, there are less Yellowstone trout to catch and more cutthroat trout babies being seen in the water. That is a sign that the program is working. However, there is still more work that needs to be done to handle the problem completely, according to Dave Hallac. He is the chief at the Yellowstone Center of Resources.

What do you think of this program to rid Yellowstone Lake of the invasive species of trout introduced into its waters 20 years ago? Should the government be spending money on such a program?

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