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Yellowstone National Park is a national treasure

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When one thinks of the National Park system, Yellowstone National Park is often the first park that comes to mind. In fact Yellowstone was the first National Park. It was established by an act of Congress in March of 1872. The original reason for the designation of the park was to preserve wildlife and to protect and show the public the remarkable geothermal features of the landscape. Old Faithful geyser remains a top attraction.

Yellowstone visitors yearly are around 3 million. People from all over the United States and around the world come to see over 3,600 square miles of forests, grasslands, rivers and lakes and of course the world famous geysers and hot springs.

With both hotel lodging and multiple campgrounds available for visitors Yellowstone has become a favorite dream vacation spot. Planning a trip ahead of time will enhance the experience of a visit to historic Yellowstone National Park.

Start your exploration of Yellowstone by visiting the NPS website.