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Yellowstone earthquake causes jitters over volcano and the big one

Yellowstone earthquake is largest since 1980.
Yellowstone earthquake is largest since 1980.
Daniel Mayer/Wikimedia Commons

The largest Yellowstone earthquake in over 30 years has shaken people up. This is just the latest quake to hit the western United States. A quake hit southern California on Friday night, and the Yellowstone earthquake struck on Sunday. On March 31, Live Science reported that the quake measured a 4.8, and it was the largest quake to hit the area since 1980.

Do these new quakes mean a big earthquake is set to hit California soon? Not really. In fact, scientists aren't even that concerned about the super volcano underneath Yellowstone. Many have been concerned about the 'big one' hitting California. A good part of the state is on top of the San Andreas fault. With the number of quakes that have shaken the area recently, residents of the state have been worried. Scientists in the state are not concerned though, according to News Max.

San Andreas is not the only fault that can cause damage if an earthquake was to hit the area. The Puente Hills fault caused Friday's earthquake in La Habra and the surrounding area. A stronger earthquake on that fault would cause more damage to the area than a quake on the San Andreas fault.

As a result of both the Yellowstone quake and the Friday night quake in California, aftershocks are still being felt in the area. What do you think? Are you worried about the big one? Have you felt the recent quakes yourself?