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Yellow Sunshine Art Etsy Store

canvas from Yellow Sunshine Art
canvas from Yellow Sunshine Art

Jen, the owner and designer of Yellow Sunshine Art, decided to start an Etsy shop to allow her customers an arena to purchase fun artwork to hang in their homes. Her goal is to create sentimental art that is personal and meaningful to the customer and that's exactly what Jen was able to do for me! Jen sent me two canvas's for my nursery. One has the "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine," song/quote on it and the other says "I love you to the moon and back." Both canvases are lovely and look great in the room! The "you are my sunshine" canvas is especially perfect for my nursery as it brings back wonderful memories of when my mom used to sing this song to me when I was a baby!

I used the "you are my sunshine" canvas as part of a collage above the changing table and hung the "I love you to the moon back and back" canvas on a wall beside the closet:

I love my canvases! I feel that they complete the look of the nursery while adding just the right amount of a pop of color! Plus they totally accomplished the sentimental goal of adding love to nursery. :)

Jen not only has tons of great canvases for a nursery but also sells canvases and prints for other areas of your home. Check her products out at: