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Yellow Mustard Curry Sauce: Little Piece of Heaven Or Hell In A Tiny Cup?

Mustard Curry Sauce
Mustard Curry Sauce
Picture provided by S. Cherres

Oftentimes the idea of a healthy meal on a run for our busy Miami lifestyle is a Chicken Kitchen, Pollo Tropical or Natural Chicken Grill chop. Their chicken chops are offered in a variety of ways - with rice, without, with yellow rice, with brown rice, with regular rice, with beans, with salad - you get the idea. Many of the combination are indeed healthy, but then when you are just about to pay, you make the choice, “Let me have two of the yellow sauce.” Big mistake.

The yellow sauce, know as the Mustard Curry sauce is, unfortunately, the yummy but calorie loaded topping that may potentially ruin your efforts of an otherwise healthy chop. The main ingredient in the sauce is actually mayonnaise, watered down by a mix of mustard, curry powder, water, and possibly sugar.

I found that, assuming you only use 1.8oz or just a tad over 3 tablespoons, your calorie count is about 268 with 29.8g of fat. The little container has about 3oz worth, so after doing the math the end result is about 804 calories and 89.4g of fat. Then we wonder why we are not loosing weight or at least maintaining it. Click here for the full nutritional breakdown from CalorieLab, based on the Pollo Tropical sauce.

Fortunetely, there are ways to modify the recipe at home to make it a little healthier. Click here for Kitty’ Copycat Chicken Kitchen Mustard-n-Curry Sauce. Using this recipe as the base, I would suggest changing the regular mayonnaise for light or even fat free mayo for a lighter version. Click here for the regular mayo nutritional breakdown and here for a light mayo nutritional breakdown to see the difference.

The next time you visit Chicken Kitchen, Pollo Tropical or Natural Chicken grill in Miami, consider instead the Fresh Salsa or BBQ sauce when available for a kick of flavor.

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*Interesting fact: All 3 restaurants/franchises were proudly founded in Miami!!


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