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Yellow lights, flying orbs, ball-shaped object seen in Ontario sky

According to a National UFO Reporting Center report, a couple observed, “two stationary lights suspended over Lake Huron” in Lambton County, Ontario. The sighting, which occurred on August 29, 2014 at approximately 11:30 p.m. lasted for about two hours.

The couple was at Ipperwash Beach and looking east-northeast when they spotted “two single yellow lights suspended in the air.” While these might have been actual earthborn lights, a local wind turbine farm said they were “too high for fixed lighting,” nor were they water reflections.

“My husband thought they were Chinese lanterns launched from the beach, but they did not move or die out as expected.”

Flying orbs

According to a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) report, a London resident and his wife saw “an orb doing hyroglific (gyroscopic?) maneuvers in the sky” for about 30 minutes.

”Tonight the orb just flew south,” he said. “I see them almost nightly.”

He said the most recent orb remained stationary for about an hour and then moved off slowly toward the east. He added that his neighbor also saw it.

“Another night I went out for a cigarette at 3 a.m. because I couldn't sleep and saw a laser-like beam of light (about a foot wide and white in color) come from the side of the house. It crossed the neighbor’s backyard across the street and the next neighbor’s backyard.”

The following morning, he said, he and his wife were having coffee on their deck. When his wife finished, she left and came back “screaming my name because she saw the remains of the neighbor’s pet rabbit spread all over our two lawns.” He added, “The bulk of the fur was right where I saw the light come through the trees just six hours earlier.”

He noted that the rabbit could not have escaped due to the way its cage was rigged. But the most startling thing of all he said was “there was white fur everywhere but no blood on anything!” And to top things off, his neighbor packed up everything and left the next day “without a word to anybody!”

He wondered what his neighbors might have seen or heard that “spooked them so bad.”

Ball-shaped object

There were two UFO reports on NUFORC for August 29, 2014. The first sighting occurred at about 9:20 p.m. A man spotted a “small, round white ball-shaped” object hovering in the night sky over Pickering.

“It seemed to be spinning and at the same time, moving around in a small circle,” he noted. I lost sight of it and then found it slightly lower than when I first saw it.”

The man said the object still appeared to be moving in the same way but was also “glowing red, then white” for at least 10 minutes before disappearing.

The second Pickering sighting apparently by the wife of the man in the previous report occurred earlier the same day at approximately 12:25 p.m. Using binoculars she spotted a pulsating stationary “bright light changing from red to white in the northeast daylight sky…”

UFO's over Brampton Ontario (Saturday August 23rd, 2014)

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